Our Mission

At AST Safetywear, we know that buying workwear, P.P.E or safety equipment can sometimes feel like a bit of a ‘grudge’ buy. We know you’ve got business’s, factories and industries to run.
So when it’s time you and your staff need overalls, safety boots, hard hats and other workwear, you want somewhere you can go where you know you can get head-to toe P.P.E solutions at affordable prices, supplied in excellent quality by friendly and knowledgeable people.
We, at AST Safetywear, are therefore proud to offer that solution, ensuring you spend more time doing what’s important to you, while we take care of all your safetywear requirements.


More than anything, we know that service within the safetywear industry can be poor. We also know that product delivery and supply can be inconsistent. We’re fully aware that for many of you; the P.P.E, workwear and safetywear purchase can feel like a bit of a ‘grudge’ buy. Yet we also know that supplying the right PPE for your industry is of the utmost importance not only for you but for the safety of your workforce.

That is why our Mission is seven-fold:

COMMUNICATION: We believe in communication and the ability to avoid disappointment by consistent and honest communication throughout your entire experience with us.

SERVICE: We strive to adhere to personalized service where our knowledgeable, friendly and efficient team will communicate to you throughout each step of your experience with us.

PRODUCT DELIVERY: Ensuring prompt, consistent product delivery, while communicating every step of the order process with you.

EXPERT ADVICE: Using our extensive product knowledge to recommend and advocate the correct P.P.E product relevant to your industry, requirements and budget.

TRANSPARENCY: Ensuring we are as open and honest with every aspect of our communications, business practice and supply chain, allowing you to feel like you are being treated as a worthy customer as opposed to just another number.

CUSTOMER IMPORTANCE: We know every customer is an integral part of our livelihood. That is why we will accommodate small-business requirements right up to large-scale industrial contract customers. So whether you’re looking for 1 overall or bulk P.P.E solutions for your entire factory, we’re at your service.

SOLUTIONS: We’re all about finding solutions that make life easier for you. So, if you’re unsure of what workwear is best suited for your business, one of our sales representatives will come direct to your premises, assess your needs, size up your workforce and in so doing recommend and supply the perfect safety solution for you.

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