If you are as proud of your brand or company as we are, you’ll want to showcase this on all of your workwear.
Whether it’s an employee, company or brand name and/or logo, we’re able to offer you a custom embroidery service of all of your workwear and corporate clothing.We are fortunate to have a dedicated embriodery studio for all embriodery job specs ensuring we are able to offer quick turnaround times on all your branding jobs.


Machine embriodery is a process whereby sewing machines are automatically programmed to stitch patterns on textiles such as clothing and workwear. Using multiple heads and threads, the machines are able to custom produce any piece of artwork loaded onto the computer. This allows for a very detailed and professional looking branding application.


Embriodery is generally used for more detailed and intricate branding on higher-end workwear and corporate wear. Because of the physical stitching of added thread onto the garment, there are only certain fabrics that are suitable for embroidery. However, once your logo, name or brand has been emboidered, the result is a long lasting, professional looking branding application.


Each embroidery job requires a custom artwork proof which is easily generated by the computer using a picture, logo or any brand material provided. There is no fee for this and they can be changed and added at will.
Pricing is based soley on the size, detail, colour and intricacy of the artwork and each job spec will require a seperate costing. Our sales team will be able to provide accuracte costings based on the artwork and size of the print job.

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