1. Q: Why should I consider AST Safetywear as my P.P.E and workwear supplier?
    A: Beside the fact that we’ve been supplying workwear and safety equipment for 13 years, we like to think we offer you that human element to your PPE purchase. We’re not just a quotation on a screen or a voice on a distant phone line. We’re a small group of people who genuinely want to offer you a decent workwear solution. We’re approachable, flexible and always willing to assist in making that PPE ‘grudge’ buy, just that more simple.
  2. Q: What are your working hours and do you have credit card facilities available?
    A: We are open from 8am to 4:30pm every day from Monday to Friday. We have credit card payment facilities available for quick and easy walk in sales.
  3. Q: Do you offer any other services related to workwear or Personal Protective Equipment:
    A: Yes. Firstly, we offered tailored solutions to any workwear garment. For example, if you require screen-printing of your company name, or an embroidered logo, we offer that in-house solution. If you require a specific-spec garment with unique reflective tape applications or certain SABS, CE or IN requirements, we can offer that solution.
  4. Q: How do you make it easier for me to buy the correct PPE without the usual hassle I’ve encountered in the past?
    A: We offer a workplace assessment and staff sizing service where we’ll come to your premises with a sample bag of workwear, assess your working conditions and then allow your entire workforce to try on overalls, footwear or any other garments suited to your working environment. This way we not only guarantee the appropriate product, but the correct fit as well.
  5. Q: I’m worried that my company or business is non-compliant with Health and Safety regulations?
    A: Because our products and services directly affect the health and safety of your workforce and workplace, we at AST SAFETYWEAR are proud to offer a complete range of health and safety compliance consulting services that include: Risk Assessments and the subsequent Management System Development and Implementation of the requires steps to ensure your company is Health and Safety compliant.
  6. Q: I always seem to have problems with the sizing of my workwear and safety clothing?
    A: Yes, workwear sizing can be confusing. Simply put, overall sizes are based on jacket size and NOT trouser size. So if you order a size 38 overall, you will receive a size 38 jacket. However, the trouser size of each overall is always 2 sizes down from the jacket. So, your size 38 overall will come with a size 34 trouser. Likewise a size 40 overall will come with a size 36 trouser and so on. To makes things simple, we’ve created a table that breaks down the correct sizing for you.
  7. Q: I can’t collect my order. Do you offer a delivery service?
    A: Yes, of course. We have 2 dedicated delivery vehicles that service the highway and greater KZN area each day. Any orders over R1000.00 will guarantee themselves free delivery within the Greater Durban Metro area. If you’re further afield, our selection of couriers will have your goods delivered to overnight.  
  8. Q: My safety boots never seem to last and I feel like I’m always replacing safety footwear?
    A: Safety Footwear is a complicated and largely misunderstood sector in PPE supply. Simply put, there is a very large and extensive range of Safety footwear across many different brands all priced and specced to various budgets and applications. It’s therefore imperative that when buying safety footwear, you are able to disclose exactly what working conditions you require footwear for to allow us to recommend the appropriate footwear specific to you.
  9. Q: What footwear should I use for wet and muddy working conditions?
    A: Although there are some styles of boot or shoe that are conducive to outdoor application, strictly speaking, there is no safety boot or shoe that is 100% suited for wet conditions. The organic nature of leather means it is susceptible to any constant contact with moisture which in the long run, can have a negative effect on the longevity of the boot or shoe. For constantly wet conditions, we recommend gumboots which come in ankle or standard length with steel-toe-cap spec options.
  10. Q: What is your policy on returns?
    Please refer to our returns policy here