Our Gurantee’s policy sits hand in hand with our returns policy. Please refer to it here


Essentially, any item/s that is seen to have manufacturing faults or flaws can be submitted back to us to assses if a guarantee applies.
We’re always happy to replace an item that is clearly seen to have a manufacturing fault. We’re reasonable people and we’ll be sure to treat each case
with an objective mindset. Our years of experience hasw clearly shown us what a manufactirng fault is versus general wear and tear, negligence or incorrect application.

On all general goods, no returns will be accepted without prior consent from Management who will determine whether a manufacturing fault is applicable.


Please note that we no longer guarantee any of our PVC rainwear. This is due to the prices being extremely low and the fact that these items are being used for purposes other than what they were designed for.
Our full range of rubberised rainwear will continue to hold its full guarantee.


We offer a 3 month guarantee on all our safety footwear for factory faults limited to:

Perishing of sole or detachment from the leather upper.
Undue detachment of eyelets.
Detachment of upper padding and/or stitching.
Detachment of tongue from stitching.
Detachment of leather from the steel-toe-cap nose.

Any of the guarantee terms specified above will be negated if the any of the following apply:

3 months since invoice.
Evidence of use in water/consistently wet environments.
Evidence of excessive wear and tear and/or abuse.
Evidence of use within caustic chemical or cement- based environment.
Evidence of use in any environment other than the respective boot/shoe is designed for.

At the end of the day, we’re here to ensure you get the best product for your requirements. If anything we supply doesnt work the way it is supposed to, we’ll make sure you get a replacement.
Likewise, if you use something in a way that it wasnt intended or try to ask for a replacement 8 months after your purchase, it’s naturally more difficult for us to justify.

Regardless, If you have any issues, give us a call or bring the item in and we’ll do our best to assist.