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BRONX Launches New Range of Safety Footwear

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Safety footwear manufacturer BBF Safety Group has launched the latest range of Bronx Safety Footwear, which provides durable, safety-compliant protection and performance.

“Bronx Safety Footwear is committed to providing consumers with the quality, comfort and durability for which the brand is known and merging the always-ready-for-life approach to design with the safety that today’s South African worker needs,” says safety footwear manufacturer BBF Safety group marketing manager Peter Gerbrands.

To address the specific needs of the modern consumer, Bronx performed in-depth consumer research and testing when developing the line. The result is a specialised yet versatile range of men’s safety footwear.


Each style features rubber soles for high heat resistance, oil resistance, anti-slip and excellent durability, an anti-static top sock with heel pump and air channels to promote airflow, mesh inner lining for comfort and breathability, as well as a padded heel shock absorber for added cushioning and energy absorption.

“We see our expertise as a premium, fashionable brand with an established reputation for safety footwear that works, as a real win for the consumer,” says Gerbrands.

“We know how to build reliable, performance-driven footwear that can stand up to the test of a demanding work day while being compliant to international safety standards.”

The new Bronx Safety Footwear range, which incorporates fashion with safety compliance, will be distributed by retailers, safety specialist distributors and resellers nationwide.

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