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Employment Opportunities

At AST SAFETYWEAR, we believe that our brand is the most important facet of our company.

We know that every one of our employees is a direct representation of our brand.

Because of this, we like to ensure we have the best, most qualified, loyal and dedicated staff members.

If you would like to be member of the exclusive AST SAFETYWEAR team, please drop us an e-mail, with your CV and cover letter to


ABOUT: We are looking for young, motivated, independent professionals who are looking to grow thier proffesional portfolio
With key regional accounts, our sales reps will be required to grow and expand thier own customer base portfolio in line with the policies and values of the AST Safetywear business model.
With attractive commission-based payment structures, a flexible work schedule and unrestricted growth, the only limit to success is how much personal investement you're prepared to put in.
If you think you have what it takes to develop professionally while growing the AST Safetywear brand, drop us an e-mail at