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Meet the Team


We've cultivated a loyal and tight knit team of staff members to represent the brand and run the the daily operations of the business. Each member of our team is a valued and integral part of the running of our company. Whether you're a supplier or a customer, chances are you've been in contact with several of our valued team members. We'd therefore like to officially introduce ourselves:

Photo 2013-02-22 1 33 48 PM ARTHUR KEGEL
Office Number: 031-7093320 
Mobile Number: 082 784 6811
Bio: With years of experience working within the combat, security and safetywear industry, Arthur eventually set about establishing his own P.P.E company (formally known as AST AFRICA TRADING 187CC) back in 2000. As the founding member of the company, Arthur has been managing and nurturing the business, as its Director, right from its humble beginnings until the present day.
Years at AST: 13 years from inception.

Photo 2013-02-22 1 10 26 PM

e-mail address:
Office Number: 031-7093320
Mobile Number: 083 799 0110
Bio: As a honours media graduate and advertising copywriter, Brendon garnered brand and marketing experience within the media and advertsing industry. After moving across to a brand-specific role within the retail clothing industry, he joined AST Safetywear full time again in 2012 and as a managing member, is in joint-control of all sales and management issues pertaining to the brand.
Years at AST: 3 years in total.

Photo 2013-02-22 1 41 48 PM

Office Number: 031-7093320
Mobile Number: 073 215 7168
Bio: With her years experience within the manufacturing sector, Irene is the vital cog linking the warehouse to the sales department. As Warehouse manager, Irene manages and controls all stock as well as the dispatch and receiving of every item that comes in or leaves our warehouse. Chances are, if you've been onto our premises, Irene's dynamic energy and smiling and friendly service is something you wont forget in a hurry.
Years at AST: 7 years in total.

Photo 2013-02-22 1 39 51 PM

e-mail address:
Office Number: 031-7093320
Mobile Number: 084 619 8526
Bio: As a psychology under-graduate, a young and enthusiastic Crystal joined AST Safetywear as an administrative assistant back in 2006. Fast forward 7 years of invaluable sales experience and in her current position as Sales Admin Manager, Crystal now handles all day to day sales admin across our supply and customer base. Her diligence and calming demeanor affords her great relationships with many large account customers and suppliers. Safe to say; If you've got any type of sales or supply query, Crystal's ready to assist.
Years at AST: 7 years in total.

Photo 2013-02-22 1 37 11 PM

Office Number: 031-7093320
Bio: Ruth is the ever-present 'Matriarchal' voice and face of the day to day communication between customer and our staff. Her gentle and efficient greeting is the connection between any calls made into the office and if you're one of our walk-in customers or suppliers, Ruth is the infectious director who'll ensure your query is answered, collection is supplied or order recieved. Next time you walk through the door, give her a smile and she'll flash one straight back.
Years at AST: 6 years in total.
FullSizeRender2 SQ MYEZA
Office Number: 031-7093320
Mobile Number: 073 708 2848
Bio: SQ is the bright, young new recruit in the sales office. Having joined the team early in 2015, he has immersed himself in the day to day sales operations of the company, handling all ad-hoc sales queries, cash sales and supplier ordering. SQ comes with several years experince in the PPE and workwear supply industry and is well versed in product knowledge and local supply specifics. Contact SQ for any sales-related query or feel free to ask for him anytime you walk into the AST depot. 
Years at AST: 1 year in total.

Photo 2013-02-22 1 41 32 PM

Office Number: 031-7093320
Bio: Mathi is the stalwart of the warehouse. As one of the oldest and most trusted members of the team, Mathi is the part of the working engine of the business, ensuring orders are checked, packed and delivered without fault. Years of experience as Warehouse Supervisor has seen Mathi develop an extensive product knowledge ensuring anything that comes in or out our warehouse, has the AST Safetywear stamp of approval.
Years at AST: 9 years in total.

Photo 2013-02-22 1 35 11 PM

Office Number: 031-7093320
Bio: Gavin is another integral member of the warehouse team. Along with Mathi, Gavin ensures all goods are stored, stocked and packed in perfect order. Gavin's enthusiastic nature and impeccable eye for detail has made him a huge asset to the company and ensures it's not only our customers and suppliers, but also our entire team who remain sharp and on thier toes.
Years at AST: 5 years in total.

Photo 2013-02-22 1 38 16 PM

Office Number: 031-7093320
Bio: Like all happy companies, there is always one member of staff who's compassion and tireless desire to help,  is the glue the binds everything together. 'Magina' - as she's effectionately known - is that person. Whether it's a steaming hot mug of coffee, an urgent stock count requirement or an immaculately swept warehouse floor, Reginah is the invaluable member of our team who ensures that a helping hand is never far away.
Years at AST: 3 years in total.